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In October 2016 Phil Mack & Lisa Stanley along with Deirdre Grant Hosted their 4th Tour to the USA . They viisited St Louis , Branson , Memphis & Nashville . Below are some of the people from that Tour speaking to Phil & Lisa in their Hotel lobby on the final day of the tour .

Phil Mack & Keep It Country TV are now planning their 5th USA Tour for October 2017 .

The Itinerary should be finalised in late December and Tour should go on sale in January

If you would like to be informed of our intended Itinerary please call our UK office on  01708 733110 and we will log your details , and contact you with the completed Tour details in mid January 

Kathleen & Ed 
Lisa with Colin 
Jenny & Michael 
Di & John 
Phil with Hugh 
Chat to Some of The Tour Group 

Phil with Country star Richard Lynch in

Nashville on our 2016 USA visit 

Lisa with Richard Lynch in Nashville 

Phil with Alan Camp , owner of the 

Branson Scenec Railway , Branson USA 

Phil chats with Lisa Catron of Memphis 

tourism on the banks of the mighty Mississippi 

Della & Mike 
Beryl & Bill 
Ruth & Dave 
Evelyn & Paul 
Phil with Thomas 
Phil with Caroline 

Phil with Country star David Frizzell in

Nashville on our 2016 USA visit 

Phil with Steve Baker of VIM Nashville 

Phil rides the Branson Railway and chats

to Becka the carriage attendant 

Phil chats with Larry Breen , engineer on 

the Branson Scenic Railway 

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